Wednesday, February 09, 2011

For your eyes only, only for you....

One of the reasons that I update this blog so infrequently is because my life is consumed by my job most days and I can't talk about my job. I actually cannot. I have clearance.

No, really. If I were going to tell you about my day, it would go something like this:

First thing this morning I got a briefing back from the Minister on [censored]. So I phoned the private secretary for the Minister for Courts to [censored]. This meant I had to run around to the Minister of Police and Corrections, and then to the Attorney-General to [censored]. But finally, it was done so I went to the Minister of Finance to [censored].

That being accomplished, I turned to the briefing on [censored]. Then I got a call from the Ministry about [censored] which meant I had to immediately go talk to [censored], [censored] and [censored].

In the end, the Minister was so pleased, he invited us to have an after work wine. Good day.

You see? Not very interesting.

Still, if I'm being honest, that is one of the kicks I get out of doing this job. I love having clearance. My only regret is that, due to my nationality, there are still some documents that come in 'NZ Eyes Only' which I'm not allowed to see. I want to see!

Funny and related story - I recently ran into this guy who has a wicked high clearance (far higher than mine), who happens to work for a NZ agency that shall not be named. So, we're having an after work chat in the Beehive bar and I mention that my father worked for the Air Force in South Dakota during the Vietnam War.

He then began to recount for me every project my Dad likely worked on. Information that, incidentally, I'm not even allowed to know and which was hidden from my brother and me our whole lives. When I mentioned this, he was all, "oops. Then, forget I said that."


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