Saturday, January 16, 2010

See that girl, watch that scene....

There is an old adage that says you should dance like nobody is watching. I say screw that.

You should dance like EVERYbody is watching. And then work it. *snap*

No matter where I am, I like to dance like it's Live at the Apollo and the audience includes the Queen, Elton John, Bill Clinton, James Brown, Marily McCoo, Randy Jackson, Debbie Allen and the late Michael Jackson. I like to think my life is like the movie Glitter and I am just waiting for some producer to pluck me out of obscurity and into stardom, only nobody gets shot at the end.

Because I am a human jukebox, I sing along - boisterously - and my dancing involves choreographed steps, outstretched arms, copious amounts of shimmying and the occasional booty slap. I'm an excellent dancer.

I have a friend who told me she once got kicked out of a bar for 'dancing too loudly'. I think that sounds fantastic. I now aspire to dance so loudly that I, too, have to be ejected for the sheer flamboyance of my dancing. I want to develop a series of fitness classes centered around dancing too loudly. I want to launch a nationwide Dancing Too Loudly tour.

My point is this, I like dancing. And I'm adding to the list of resolutions previously stated. I resolve to dance more and more often. And always, to do so loudly.


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